The civil division dockets all pleadings in foreclosures, money judgments, garnishments and other miscellaneous civil actions.  The civil division also issues and files summonses, subpoenas, writs, Certificates of Judgment and all other related service in civil cases.
The criminal division files and dockets all pleadings in felony criminal cases bound over to the grand jury and all grand jury indictments.  The criminal division also issues summonses, subpoenas, warrants, capiases and all other related service in criminal cases.
The domestic relations division files and dockets all pleadings in divorce, dissolution, parenting and other miscellaneous domestic actions.  The domestic division also issues and files summonses, subpoenas, capiases, and all other related service in domestic cases.
The Court of Appeals division receives all filings and manages all paperwork relating to cases which have been appealed to the 5th District Court of Appeals. This includes any appeals from the Common Pleas Court, Juvenile/Probate Court, and the Municipal Court in Fairfield County.
The records division of the Clerk's office is responsible for protecting, preserving, and disseminating official records in accordance with the records retention schedule according to state archival standards and state and federal law.  The records division also provides public access to records for the Common Pleas Court, manages public records requests and maintains over 22 million pages of documents for both the Legal and Title Departments.

The Clerk's office has made every effort to serve the public in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.  If you are looking for recorded documents, please contact the Fairfield County Recorder's Office.  Any recorded documents from 1996 to the present are available online at Fairfield County Recorder's Online Record Search with older documents from the 1800s being available on microfilm and paper by visiting the County Recorder's office.  Court dockets from 1993 to present are available online by searching on the Fairfield County Clerk of Courts Online Search. Prior years are available by contacting the Clerk of Courts Records Division. More information regarding the local practice and procedures of this division is available in the Local Rules of Criminal and Civil Practice of Common Pleas Court. Links to the Local Rules of the 5th District Court of Appeals and the Court of Domestic Relations are also available.

Fees are payable by cash, certified or personal check, credit card or money order.  Customers who use a credit card/debit card as payment will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $2.00 or 2.39 %, whichever is greater, by LexisNexis VitalChek, Network Inc. Bail bond payments must be paid by either cash or cashier’s check.
Hall of Justice
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Civil- Hall of Justice, 2nd Floor
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Criminal - Hall of Justice, 2nd Floor
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Domestic Relations - Hall of Justice, 4th Floor
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Court of Appeals - Hall of Justice, 2nd Floor
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Records - Hall of Justice 4th Floor
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