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The Clerk of Court's Legal Division handles documents or filings for four separate areas: Civil, Criminal, Domestic Relations, and Fifth District Court of Appeals.

Civil Section
We receive all paper work relating to law suits, such as personal injury, foreclosures and other disputes. We also record Ohio sales and income tax judgements for public record; issue Certificates of Judgements, subpoenas and file Notary Public Commissions.

Criminal Section
We process all felony cases bound over to the grand jury and all grand jury indictments. We docket and file all motions, entries, warrents, and summons relating to criminal cases. We create and process all warrants and issue subpoenas for criminal cases.

Domestic Relations
All marital and other non-criminal domestic disputes are handled. The Domestic Relations section engages in the same activities as the Civil section, except that it handles all domestic relation cases.

Appellate Section
The Appellate section receives all filings and manages all paperwork relating to cases which have been appealed to the Fifth District Court of Appeals. This includes any appeals from the Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Court, Probate Court and the Municipal Court.

More information regarding the local practice and procedures of this division is available in the Local Rules of Criminal and Civil Practice of Common Pleas Court. Links to the Local Rules of the Fifth District Court of Appeals and the Court of Domestic Relations are also available.

Clerk of Courts Phone Numbers

740-652-7365 Civil
740-652-7366 Criminal
740-652-7385 Domestic Relations
740-652-7387 Court of Appeals
740-687-0158 Fax for Civil, Criminal, or Court of Appeals
740-652-7399 Fax for Domestic Relations
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Contact Information:

Legal Department

224 East Main Street
P.O. Box 370
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Lancaster Title Office
982 Liberty Drive
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Pickerington Title Office
485 Hill Road
Pickerington, Ohio 43147
Clerk of Courts: Branden C. Meyer