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Deposit Schedule
Dissolution, Annulment, or Legal Separation
New Parenting Case
Answer & Cross Complaint, Counter Claim, Third Party in an action of Divorce,
Dissolution or Annulment
Post Decree Motion
Answer & Cross Complaint,Counter Claim,Third Party in a action of Parenting
Change of Custody
Foreign Support (Custody only) out of State
Uniform Custody (Custody and Child Support)
Filing of Agreed Entry
With over 5 Defendants-Add $10.00/per defendant
Amended Complaint with service Add $10.00/per defendant
Personal Service by Sheriff $50.00/each party paid up front
Clerk of Courts: Branden C. Meyer
Contact Information:

Legal Department:
Hall of Justice
224 E. Main Street (map)
P.O. Box 370
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

P: 740-652-7360
F: 740-687-0158

Domestic Relations:
P: 740-652-7357
F: 740-652-7399

P: 740-652-7358
F: 740-652-7399

Administrative & Fiscal:
P: 740-652-7356
F: 740-681-4770

Lancaster Title Office
982 Liberty Drive (map)
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
P: 740-652-7540
F: 614-833-5850

Pickerington Title Office
485 Hill Road (map)
Pickerington, Ohio 43147
P: 614-835-2610
F: 614-833-5850

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